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Music Magicís professional grade JBL two-speaker set up will bring you the quality sound, volume, and clarity you are looking for. We perform at both intimate and spacious settings, therefore our two-speaker system allows us the luxury of being able to perform at the most intimate of sites, yet the strength and power of our internal JBL amplifiers allows us the ability to match the grander scale of any larger venue, as well.

Music Magic also implements a system called vertical light stacking. Many other DJ companies space their lights out one after the other, horizontally, which takes up a lot of space and makes the DJ area look cluttered. We configure our lighting vertically in order to take up less space with our lighting. You will not see cords all over the place, as we have each DJ table skirted. Our area is neat and tidy. And, for your benefit, we do not display any advertising signs at your event!

Each one of Music Magicís sound and light systems are well balanced. They feature an array of lighting effects that can be managed appropriately for any style of music or ambiance. All of Music Magicís sound and light systems contain the same components.

Music MagicĎs well balanced sound and lighting includes:

  • Two 15Ē JBL Speakers: JBL EON15 G2, delivering 300 watts of power to a 15" neodymium Differential Drive LF driver.
  • Numark Professional Dual CD Players-- Dual rack mountable CD player Track sequence programming. Digital output. CDR compatible. 48 seconds of buffer memory for Anti-Shock (anti-skipping).
  • Numark Professional Mixer-- Inputs: 8 line, 3 phono, 2 mic w/ EQ. Outputs: master balanced, zone, send, and record. Sampler: 110 seconds, 4 banks of retained memory, polyphonic playback.
  • Vertigo (1) -- 30 beams of multi-color light. Beams rotate and crisscross back and forth to the beat of the music. A must have effect for mobile DJs (DJ uses this lighting effect for upbeat and fast-tempo songs)
  • Par Cans (4) -- Provides soft, warm hues. Chase functions allow multiple mood settings. (DJ uses this lighting effect for slow to medium-tempo songs. It is often used on conjunction with one of the other effects)
  • Sparkle (2) -- Disco ball effect of the 70s, without the bulkiness. Beams of light rotate in a consistent motion. (DJ uses effect for the first dance, slower songs, and songs from the 70s Disco genre)
  • Strobe light (DJ uses effect for short, high-energy segments - used sparingly)

Music Magic - 604 Roma Avenue, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

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